The Swordthane Trilogy

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Don HaynesLife is what happens to you while you’re making other plans.

In the process of life happening to him, Donald Haynes worked as a lumberjack and in lumber mills. He worked in gas stations and automotive parts houses.  He was a warehouseman, a
salesman, a truck driver, a janitor, and a clerk in a liquor store. He drove a route delivering groceries. He sterilized equipment in a pharmaceutical laboratory.

He earned a BA from the University of California, Berkeley; an MA from the University of Oregon; and a PhD from the university of Notre Dame. As a college professor, he taught literature and composition. He published scholarly and popular articles, both regionally and nationally. 

He founded, managed, and met a payroll for Haynes & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in corporate communication. As Executive Producer of a division in an NBC television affiliate, he built a national client list. As a partner in a video production house, he wrote dramatic scripts produced for use in national corporate retreats for CEOs and CFOs.

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